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Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center:

We Are Open:

11:30am-4:30pm EST

  • Educational materials and exhibits
  • Turtle, tortoise, and terrapin ambassadors
  • Turtle-friendly flashlight filters and lightbulbs
  • Gift shop

Florida Coastal Conservancy

Mission statement:

The Florida Coastal Conservancy is the parent non-profit which supports the St. Joseph Peninsula Turtle Patrol and the Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center. Our mission is to enhance and promote the health, stability, and stewardship of coastal and marine resources in Northwest Florida. The FLCC supports sea turtle monitoring and research, and habitat clean-up and restoration projects. Through focused environmental education efforts, the FLCC aims to provide current and future residents, visitors, and policy makers the information and resources necessary to both foster conservation and responsible land use and encourage economic development.

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