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Leave No Trace Ordinance In Effect......Please Remove Your Items OFF The Beach At Night....

Lights OUT......May 1st - October 31st for Nesting Season....

young woman holding two baby sea turtles           Jessica with baby Sea Turtles
     2017 St. Joseph Peninsula Nesting Activity 
Total # of nests:  206
Total # of Loggerhead nests:  201
Total # of Green nests:  5
Total # of false crawls:  272
Total # of Loggerhead false crawls:  272
Total # of Green false crawls:  1
Total # of disorientations:  3
Total # of Loggerhead disorientations:  3
Total # of Green disorientations:  0
Total # of evaluated nests: 18
Total # of unhatched nests:  188
Total # of hatchlings: 946
Total # of eggs:  2089
(thru 8/17/17)
Have You Ever Seen A Turtle Launch?
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Sea Turtle Festival 2017

Do Not Touch Sea Turtles

The Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle  Center Is OPEN!

Hours are Friday-Saturday 1-5pm ET


Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center



We need your help in being a volunteer ambassador to greet visitors to the center.

The Center's Hours are Friday-Saturday 1-5pm ET.

Please contact us at our email sjpturtlepatrol@gmail.com for details.....

Florida Coastal Conservancy



The Conservancy has launched a fundraising drive to establish a sea turtle education and outreach center in Gulf County to raise awareness and provide information about sea turtles and the important role the county’s beaches play in preserving the species.  The goal for the year is to raise $50,000 to secure and set-up the facility and acquire additional information displays and educational materials.

We Need your help and donation to make The Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center a reality.      

Please Click Here to Donate to the Sea Turtle Center

   Please Respect Our Beaches
When enjoying the beautiful beaches of the St. Joseph Peninsula, please:
  • Shield interior lighting and turn off exterior lights at night
  • Use turtle safe flashlights on the beach at night
  • Remove all beach equipment every evening
  • Don't touch turtles, nests, or hatchlings
  • Don't dig trenches for hatchlings
  • Email the St. Joseph Peninsula Turtle Patrol at sjpturtlepatrol@gmail.com if you have any questions! 
St. Joeseph Peninsula Turtle Patrol Adopt A Nest Program